Relevant papers, articles and ideas translated by novel translators,
as part of their Language Internship Program at Ibidem Group.


A translation blog where students can publish their translation exercises into Spanish

Ibidem Translations grew in 2003 from a translation association into a full stack Language Service Provider with a clear mission: "provide companies and individual with precise and elegant translations of business, legal and marketing documents into Spanish, French, German and other languages". To better achieve this goal, is was soon clear that the company needed to place a strong bet on its very foundations: translators.

The Ibidem Academy was created in 2015 in Barcelona, a welcoming, beautiful and sunny city on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Ibidem headquarters in Barcelona host all its translation programs: translating websites into Spanish, seo translations for the Spanish market, localization, transcreation, etc. Language graduates and young students who undertake these programs need original texts to translate, so we encourage them to select relevant articles, authors and topics that they feel close to. Here is the result of their work.

The following articles have been translated from English into Spanish by translation students, within the academic program "Ideas worth translating", led by the Spanish Department of IBIDEM GROUP in collaboration with language universities and translations agencies in Spain. They are, in original nature, academic exercises, free-of-charge complimentary translations, despite the fact they have been reviewed by professional translators before publishing.

* If you are a writer and want to request a free of charge translation from English into Spanish of any of your articles, please send us an email with the subject "IWS: Translation into Spanish".

¡Liberad a los niños!

a Spanish translation of an article originally written in English - Free the Children! -
written by Rocio Lopez and published by Imho Journal

De la crisis económica a la trascendencia del capital

a translation into Spanish of the article - From the Economic Crisis to the Transcendence of Capital -
written by Peter Hudis and published by Imho Journal

El arte de la desorientación

a Spanish translation of the article - THE ART OF MISDIRECTION -
written and published by Dan North

¿Qué es el periodismo conversacional?

a Spanish version of the original article - WHAT IS CONVERSATIONAL JOURNALISM? -
written by Johannes Klingebiel

Documentación LaTeX

a translation into Spanish of the text - LaTeX DOCUMENTATION -
published by the University of Oregon

El papel del hombre en la naturaleza

a translation from English into Spanish of - MAN'S ROLE IN NATURE -
written by John A. Gowan

El legado de la crisis del 2015-2016

a Spanish translated text - WHAT HAS THE 2015/2016 CRISIS LEFT US WITH? -
written by Dr. Eleni Karageorgiou and Dr. Vladislava Stoyanova, Lund University
published by

La cafeina y la muerte súbita

a translation into Spanish of the article - CAFFEINE AND SIDS -
written and published in

El Parlamento Europeo está saboteando
sus propios valores democráticos

a Spanish article originally written in English - THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT IS SABOTAGING

written and published by Bill Wirtz

La paradoxa d' Olber resolta

a translation from English into Catalan of the article - OLBER'S PARADOX SOLVED -
written and published by Ronald Koster

El panorama de la ciencia de la información: la sociedad americada de las ciencias de la información en el 62

written and published by Michael Buckland, president of ASIS,School of Information Management and Systems, University of California, Berkeley, CA

¿Sigue Freud vivo? No, no realmente

Read now in Spanish the original text - IS FREUD STILL ALIVE? NO, NOT REALLY -
written and published by John F. Kihlstrom.

Por qué las mujeres dejan el sector tecnológico
(y cómo solucionarlo)

an English into Spanish translation of the original article - THE REAL REASON WOMEN QUIT TECH (AND HOW TO ADDRESS IT) -
written and published by Rachel Thomas

Correspondencia entre el príncipe Andrew Kurbsky e Ivan IV

a translation into Spanish of the webpage - CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN PRINCE ANDREW KURBSKY AND IVAN IV -
originally published on

¿La expresión inglesa 'markup' es un nombre o un verbo? ¿Es mejor usar 'markup data' o 'wrap data in tags'?

a translation into Spanish of the article - IS 'MARKUP' A NOUN OR A VERB? DO YOU 'MARKUP DATA' OR 'WRAP DATA IN TAGS'? -
written and published by Roger L. Costello

¿Está la vida natural solamente reservada para los ricos? Una perspectiva evolutiva sobre la desigualdad social en los EE.UU

a Spanish translation of - IS NATURAL LIVING RESERVED FOR THE RICH? An evolutionary perspective on social inequality in the USA -
written and published by Dr. Glenn Geher

2016 será el año del comercio conversacional

a translation from English into Spanish by Stefano, Italian translation student from Naples - 2016 WILL BE THE YEAR OF CONVERSATIONAL COMMERCE -
written and published by Chris Messina

Por qué encriptamos

a Spanish version of the original article, translated by Ludmila, a young translator from Romania - WHY WE ENCRYPT -
written and published by Bruce Schneier

¿Què hi ha en una història?

a translation from English into Catalan of the article - WHAT'S IN A STORY -
written and published by Dann North

El reinado de Jorge III

a translation from French into Spanish by Pierre Dupont, from the University of Paris, France - The Age of George III -
written and published by Dr Marjorie Bloy

Cómo "rusificar" tu ordenador

a translation from Russian into Spanish by Oksana, a young translator from Moscow, Russia - "Russifying your Computer" (Slavic fonts & keyboard drivers) -
written and published by Andrew M. Drozd

Software farmacocinético

read now the Spanish translation made by our German student Stefanie Müller, from Berlin - PHARMACOKINETIC SOFTWARE -
written and published by David Bourne

La palabra clave "This"

a translation into Spanish by Jose Hidalgo, a student from Rabat, Maroc - THE THIS KEYWORD -
written and published by Peter-Paul Koch