e-Learning Translation

Courses and content on the main e-Learning platforms:
Moodle, Chamillo, Canvas, EvolCampus, Sakai, Blackboard, etc.

Translation of training content and videos

At Ibidem Group we translate e-Learning platforms (LMS), courses, videos and educational content designed by institutions and companies for internal training of their employees, partners and international clients.

Translation and localisation of e-Learning courses: training courses, trainings, presentations, slides, guides, notes, videos, etc.

What content can we translate?

Translation of e-Learning courses

We are experts in translation and localisation of e-Learning courses on the main educational platforms: Moodle LMS, Chamillo, Canvas, Sakai, Blackboard Learn, Google Classroom, Adobe Captivate, Docebo, Articulate, LearnUpon, etc.

We translate e-Learning courses at the best price.
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How much does an e-Learning translation cost?

We translate all e-Learning platforms

Moodle, Chamillo, Canvas, EvolCampus, Sakai, Google Classroom, Articulate, etc.
We can translate content on all e-Learning platforms.

Moodle, a leading e-Learning platform worldwide


Moodle is one of the leading e-Learning platforms. It has a large community of users. It is a powerful and complex LMS, optimal for participatory learning models. Moodle is the e-Learning platform of choice for many universities.

Canvas, e-Learning platform.


Canvas LMS is a more sophisticated, partially Open Source e-Learning platform with more power than Moodle. Canvas is easy to use and offers lots of different options by integrating external tools. An ideal e-Learning platform for private schools.

Chamilo, e-Learning platform


Chamilo is an Open Source e-Learning platform that is simpler and less powerful than Moodle but more customisable. Its user-friendly interface, chat and messaging functions make it the ideal e-Learning platform for schools, SMEs, consulting firms, etc.

EvolCampus, e-Learning platform


EvolCampus is a simple LMS, with support in Spanish. It includes video conferencing and messaging services, but does not offer blogs or wikis. An e-Learning platform widely used for training in companies, academies, training centres, etc.

SCORM & Tin Can API (xAPI)

We translate SCORM content from LMS platforms such as Docebo, Articulate, Captivate, etc.
And now also Tin Can API (xAPI) / LTS compatible e-Learning content: Google Classroom, etc.

Translation of company courses

In-house training courses for employees, distributors and sales teams.
Product videos, operating instructions, maintenance guides, etc.

Company courses and training videos

Training courses

Companies have finally discovered the advantages of online training. Courses for employees, partners, distributors and sales representatives. Translation of courses and other content using subtitles into Spanish, English, French, Italian, etc.

Presentation videos

More and more companies are opting for digital content. Product presentation videos, unboxing, user guides, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. Translation of videos, guides and manuals with subtitles into more than 20 languages.

Translation of school and university courses

Courses in digital format for e-Learning platforms of schools and universities.
We translate texts in Word, Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, videos, etc.

LMS / e-Learning platform being translated from Spanish to English

Translation of LMS platforms

Translation of educational platforms created with Moodle, Chamillo, Canvas, Google Classroom, Adobe Captivate, Docebo, Articulate, LearnUpon, etc.

We translate texts and files from Spanish to French for e-Learning courses

Translation of texts and content

Translation of educational course content: text from word documents, excel tables, powerpoint presentations, PDF reports, etc.

Videos of an e-Learning course translated from Spanish into German

Video translation

Translation of videos of classes, courses, presentations, lectures, conferences and all kinds of audiovisual material for e-Learning platforms.

Translation of LMS / e-Learning platforms

We translate all types of training content in all types of LMS / e-Learning platforms.
Low prices and discounts for translating large e-Learning projects.

How much does it cost to translate an e-Learning course?
Prices and rates 2023

The price of translating an e-Learning platform depends mainly on the language.
Translating a course into English only costs €0.08 / word

Translation quote

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