Translation of videos and subtitles

Transcription and translation of subtitles.
Video translation into English, French, German, etc.

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At Ibidem Group we are experts in audiovisual translation. We can translate videos of all kinds into Spanish, English, French, German, etc. Extensive experience in translation of corporate videos, presentations, courses, tutorials, meetings, conferences, etc.

Over 20 years of experience in video translation: transcription, transcribing, voice-over, subtitling and dubbing.

How much does it cost to translate a video?

Transcription, translation, subtitling

Comprehensive video translation and subtitling services.
The fastest and cheapest way to translate a video is by using subtitles. The first task is to do the transcription and timing of the texts and then we translate and create the subtitles (.srt file).

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What is audiovisual translation?

Transcription, translation, voice-over, timing, subtitling, synchronisation, etc.

What is audiovisual translation?

Audiovisual translation is the translation of a video into another language using (subtitles) or audio (dubbing or voice-over).

What is transcription?

Transcription consists of converting an audio file into written text for it to be subsequently translated. The audio of a video is never translated directly. If there is no original script or subtitles, the audio must first be transcribed (and timed).

What is timing?

In audiovisual translation, timing means adding time codes to the transcript to synchronise the text and image, and adjusting them to match the text and images.

What is voice-over or dubbing?

Traditionally, commercial films and documentaries have been translated by dubbing or "voice-over", but this technique is complex, expensive and time-consuming: subtitles are becoming more widely used.

What is subtitling?

Subtitling is the fastest and cheapest way to translate a video and therefore the most common nowadays.

1. The first step is to have the texts ready to be translated, ideally the subtitles with their time code.

2. The second step is to translate the transcribed texts.

3. The third step is to adjust and synchronise the subtitles.

Why translate using subtitles?

Video translation with subtitles is the fastest and cheapest way to translate a video.
90% of corporate videos are translated with subtitles.

Difficulties with dubbing

Dubbing a video is a long, complex and costly process. The first part of the process is the same: the texts must be transcribed and translated in writing. But then things start to get more complicated:

1. You have to find voice actors whose voices fit
2. You have to pay for a recording studio and a sound technician.
3. Speaking has to match the movement of the lips.

Advantages of subtitles

Translating a video using subtitles has many advantages. The first part of the process is similar: transcription and translation. Creating, timing and synchronising subtitles is much simpler:

  • Subtitling a video is cheaper than dubbing.
  • Subtitling is much simpler than dubbing.
  • Subtitling is the fastest method of translating a video.

How to translate a video step by step?

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to translate a video / how to create and translate subtitles.
Transcription, creation and translation of subtitles, timing and synchronisation.

Transcription of videos in English or Spanish


If a video doesn't have subtitles or a script, the audio has to be transcribed and then a text file with the subtitles and their time codes is created.
- Literal transcription (verbatim), for publication in trials and expert appraisals.
- Natural transcription, which will serve as the basis for translating subtitles.

Translation of video subtitles from Spanish to English, French or German


Once you have the text file with the original subtitles and their time codes, it is time to translate and synchronise with the images. It is a complex task and there are certain restrictions to bear in mind:
- keep the sentence length the same
- maximum of 2 lines of text per subtitle
- maximum of 40 characters per line

Timing and synchronisation of videos translated into other languages


After translating the subtitles, adjustments must be made to synchronise them with the audio and the images: adjusting the subtitle input and output times, synchronising the subtitles with the audio, calculating the minimum and maximum duration times while respecting the changes of shots and scenes, etc.

Translation of videos and subtitles

Example of prices and costs of translation of videos translated with subtitles
Our example is based on the translation of subtitles into English, but it could be into French, German, etc.

Video transcription pricing

How much does it cost to transcribe the audio from a video and create the original subtitles?
The price of a transcription depends on the quality of the audio, background noise, subtitle destination, etc.

Literal transcription of videos (verbatim transcription), for trials and expert appraisals


Literal transcription, verbatim, word-for-word, exact transcription of the audio.
Transcription for trials and expert appraisals

Price for literal transcription

Automatic transcription + proofreading.
From €2 / min.

Natural translation of videos to create subtitles


Transcription and adaptation of the original text to create clear and easy-to-read subtitles.
Transcription to publish original subtitles.

Natural transcription price

Automatic transcription + proofreading.
From €2 / min.

Transcription of video texts for subtitle translation.


Bridge transcription to create a file for translation.
Only translated subtitles are delivered

Transcription pricing for translation

Automatic transcription
From €1 / min.

Translation and subtitling prices

How much does it cost to translate a video and create subtitles in other languages?
Prices and rates for video translation (subtitles).

Translation of corporate videos and product presentation videos.


Corporate videos, presentation videos, commemorative videos, etc.
Videos with voice-over and very little text.

Subtitle translation price

- Spanish / English €3 / min.
- French / German: €4 / min.
- Other languages: contact us

Translation of courses, demos, training videos, eLearning videos, moodles, etc.


Product presentation videos, unpacking, courses, workshops, demos, etc.
Videos with only 1 studio voice and a substantial amount of text.

Subtitle translation price

- Spanish / English €4 / min.
- French / German: €5 / min.
- Other languages: contact us

Translation of interviews, meetings, conferences, events, etc.


Videos of reports, interviews, meetings, etc.
Videos with several voices and a lot of text.

Subtitle translation price

- Spanish / English €5 / min.
- French / German: €6 / min.
- Other languages: contact us

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