Legal translations

Translation of contracts and other legal documents.
Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Russian, Chinese...

Experts in translating contracts and legal documents

At Ibidem Group, we're experts in Sworn Translations. Translations of purchase/sale contracts, distribution agreements, confidentiality agreements, lawsuits, etc.

Basic translation of all kinds of legal documents.

And also, when needed, Official Sworn Translation, sealed and certified by a Translator certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to ensure accuracy and full validity at an international level.

100% native legal translators

At Ibidem Group we have translators who are native speakers of Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Native translators, specialised in legal matters.

If needed, we can even get the final translation checked by a native professional lawyer (highly recommended for large-scale international legal procedures).

Experts in legal translations

We work with native translators with expertise in legal matters.
Translating agreements, contracts, deeds, patents and lawsuits.

Agreements and contracts

Translations of private legal contracts for companies and individuals: purchase/sale contracts, commercial distribution agreements, terms and conditions, annual accounts, legal notices, etc.

Specialised translators

Notarial deeds

We translate public documents such as registry certificates (civil and commercial), deeds, notarial notes and certificates: articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes, power of attorney, etc.

Legal claims

As well as documentation from courts and tribunals, including lawsuits and allegations, documentary evidence, proceedings, decisions and judgements.

Most common legal translations

Examples of contracts and legal documents we frequently translate

Private agreements
Purchase/sale contacts
Lease agreements
Employment contracts
Bank certificates
Company agreements
Supplier agreements
Distribution agreements
Annual accounts
Terms and conditions
Notarial documents
Deeds of incorporation
Company by-laws
Powers of attorney
Legal claims
Allegations to lawsuits
Proceedings and notifications

Confidentiality agreements

We're accustomed to handling and translating sensitive information, much of which is often highly confidential.
Hence we offer all our clients a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

Experts in Translations into English, French, German...

Translations into English, French, German, Catalan, Basque, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Swedish,
Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese...
What language do your clients speak?

Legal translation vs. Sworn translation

A legal translation is not the same as a Sworn Translation
Avoid Official Sworn Translations if they aren't truly necessary.

Documents that require Sworn Translation

If you are going to submit a translation to a school or university, public administrative agency, registry, court, or notary, you will probably need an Official Sworn Translation.

Sworn Translations are quasi notarial documents, which attest to the accuracy of a translation. The Sworn Translators have been authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE). All procedures carried out with the Administration require any translation to be sworn.

Check out this link for more information on Official Sworn translations: documents, languages, rates, process, deadlines, etc.

+ info on Official Sworn translations

Basic legal translations vs.

Most legal translations are basic translations. These encompass all translations carried out within commercial spheres, mainly agreements and contracts between individuals and/or companies.

Basic legal translations are of the same quality and have the same validity as Sworn translations. As they don't require official signatures or seals, they are cheaper and can be delivered sooner. In addition, they can be delivered in Word by email, as they don't require signed and sealed paper, hence they are a more efficient option.

If in doubt of what you actually need, just ask us!

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