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Precise translations into Russian

Only native translators from Russia can deliver perfect translations into Russian.
A European translation agency, specialized in contract, catalogue and web translations.

Your trusted Russian translation agency.

More than 15 years' experience delivering top-notch Russian translations to clients all around the world, from our headquarters in Europe. We are 100% native Russian translators from Russia.

At Ibidem we stick to what we know best: legal translations of contracts and claims, commercial translations of catalogues and marketing material, technical translations of user guides or O&M manuals, website translations, software localisation, Official Certified Translations, etc.

Ibidem, an agency that really cares
What kind of documents do we translate?

Accurate translations, fast turnaround and excellent rates.

We are a small, dedicated and reliable translation agency. We deliver rich, precise, fresh and authentic translations, as if they had been originally written in Russian; an effort few agencies are willing to make.

All of our translators are native speakers, and always translate into their mother tongue. When translating into Russian, we work with Russian translators from Russia. We translate many language pairs, but English to Russian is one of our most demanded language combination, hence we can offer very competitive rates and fast turnaround.

Give it a go, ask for a quote and put us to the test!

How much does a translation into Russian cost?

Native Russian translators from Russia

A good translation into Russian should never seem like a translation.
It must be accurate, elegant and precise, but it must read as if it had been written in that language.

100% native translators

100% native translators

All our translations into Russian are always carried out by 100% native Russian translators, working in the mother tongue, and who are completely fluent in the source languages, i.e. English, Spanish, French, German or Italian.

Specialised translators

Specialised translators

We work with Russian translators who specialise in a range of fields such as business, marketing, legal and technical: technology, engineering, IT, industrial, medicine, tourism, sworn translations, etc.

Proofreading included

Proofreading included

Every translation is checked by a second native Russian translator to make sure there are no mistakes. We work with translation memories, glossaries and terminology databases.

How much does a Russian translation cost?

We offer top quality translations into Russian, at very affordable prices.
Rates starting at EUR 0.10 for simple translations of Word files from English into Russian.

documents, reports, presentations, catalogues, emails, magazines, books, annual accounts, etc

1. Basic texts.

We can translate product catalogues, flyers, brochures, advertising material, user manuals, studies, reports, magazines, annual accounts, etc.

Prices and rates:

- From English into Russian €0.10
- From Russian into English €0.10
Contracts, agreements, deeds, power of attorney, certificates, company by-laws, etc

2. Contracts and legal documents.

We can translate contracts, agreements, deeds, powers of attorney, affidavits, company by-laws, annual accounts, judgements, etc.

Prices and rates:

- From English into Russian €0.11
- From Russian into English €0.11
web, eCommerce, prestashop, magento

3. Websites.

We translate websites and eCommerce stores: Wordpress, CMS, Prestashop, Magento, etc. We safely translate .html and .xml code files, as well as .po files. SEO-friendly translations.

Prices and rates:

- Word files €0.10
- Html / Xml €0.11
- eCommerce €0.11
- Wordpress / CMS €0.13
Official Certified and Sworn Translations

4. Certified Sworn Translations

Official Sworn Translations with full legal validity, signed and sealed by Official Translators: titles, certificates, minutes, deeds...

Prices and rates:

- English into Russian Sworn Translation €0.15
- Russian into English Sworn Translation €0.15
on-site translators and interpreters

5. Face-to-face interpreters translators

Professional translators - interpreters for meetings, visits, courses, events and congresses. Native Russian translators and interpreters, fully bilingual in both Russian and English.

Prices and rates:

- On-site Russian translator: 1 hour€100
- On-site Russian translator: 1 day€550

Widespread availability in most countries in Europe.

Need a good translation into Russian?

Send us an email with the originals to be translated and we'll send you a quote within the hour.
Or if you prefer, give us a call and speak to one of our agents, or write to

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How does the translation process work?

An agile and simple process. Quote with a fixed price commitment, with no last-minute surprises.
Timely delivery of your translation from or into Russian within the agreed deadline.


Send us the original documents by email indicating the target languages and desired delivery time.

Within an hour, we'll send you a quote with the exact price and delivery time.

If you want, we'd be happy to sign and send you a Confidentiality Agreement.


To confirm the project, you just need to send back the signed quote.

If it's the first time we work together, you'll have to pay by bank transfer or card (online payment).

Extraction to PDF or from Web to Word, preparing code files (HTMLS, etc.), terminology glossaries, etc.
Translation from English, Spanish, English (or another language) into Russian, always carried out by an expert native translator.
Proofreading in Russian, always carried out by a 100% native Russian translator and expert on the subject.

Always delivered on time. Delivery by email, except for Sworn Translations, which must be delivered on signed and sealed paper. Urgent 24-hour translation available.


Invoices are always sent by email along with the translations.

The first project must always be paid for in advance, by bank transfer or credit card (Secure Payment Gateway).

Companies can later apply to pay after 30 days.

Russian, one of the most translated languages in 2018

Russia's economical growth, coupled with investor's interest for the Russian market,
has boosted Russian as of of the most important languages in the global economic arena.

Russian the official language in Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation. Moscow is its capital city.

Russian sneaks into the list of the top 5 most translated languages.

Russia's economic growth and power, their business relations with European member states and their keen interest in Europe for tourism are the driving forces behind Russia's rise in status throughout the EU. However, Russian is a complicated language and so to achieve a text in Russian that is written with absolute fluency and perfection is not an easy task.

At Ibidem Group we translate thousands of words into Russian every year, always using experienced native Russian translators. This is the only way to accomplish a fluent Russian text, that has style, is authentic and most importantly doesn't appear to be a translation.

If you're in need of a Russian translation, we're the agency for you!

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