Unbeatable translation prices

We translate thousands of documents into English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
That's why we can offer top quality translations at the best market price in these 5 languages.

How much will my translation cost?

Translation pricing depends mostly on the complexity of the text and the language pair.
We focus on major languages, so we can really adjust rates and offer you the best market price.

Cut your translation costs

Unbeatable prices for translations into the most common languages.

Top quality translations at the best price

There are agencies that try to deal with everything. Well, not us! We believe that you can't do everything well, so we prefer to focus on what we do best. That's why at Ibidem we only translate documents (not films), only into major languages (not Urdu, etc.), and only related to subjects we are confident about: legal, marketing, technical, etc.

How can we offer such competitive prices?

As we're much more focused than other agencies, we translate larger volumes and can offer better prices. As we only translate documents into major languages, and when these are in the fields of business, marketing and legal, we can lower and adjust our prices without compromising the quality of the translations.

How is the price of a translation calculated?

The cost of a translation depends on the language, difficulty, format and delivery time.

Basic translation rate

Translation language

Common languages such as Spanish or French cost €0.08 per word.

Difficulty of the text

Specialised translations cost 1 or 2 cents more. For example, a legal translation into Spanish would cost €0.09 per word.

Sworn translations

An Official Sworn Translation into Spanish, would cost €0.12.

+ possible surcharges

Editing / format

We can translate any non-editable file such as images or scanned pages, we also extract from PDF into Word, but this increases the price by 10%. Translations on HTML carry a 20% surcharge.

Urgent delivery

We can return very urgent translations within 24 hours, but these carry a surcharge of +30%.

- possible discounts

Discount for repetitions

If we detect sentences with lots of repetitions (over 75%), we'll apply a discount of between 50 and 100%.

Discount for volume

Group everything you need translating, and we'll provide a discount as of 10,000 words.

Tips to make your translation slightly cheaper

Our prices are very competitive, but if you help us, they can be even cheaper.

1. Group all documents to be translated

Avoid translating 50 words today and 100 tomorrow... Translate everything together and it will be cheaper. Discounts as of 10,000 words.

2. Use English as source language

Avoid cross-translations (i.e. from Italian to German), as these are more expensive and the delivery times are longer.

3. Provide originals in editable formats

We can translate scanned documents, images, Illustrator files, etc. But it is cheaper to translate from Word or Excel.

4. Avoid urgent translations

We can translate urgent documents in 24 hours, but they carry a 30% surcharge.

5. Request Sworn Translation only if mandatory

Titles, diplomas, certificates, deeds... If they need to be presented before a Public Body, then you probably need a Sworn Translation. But make sure, Sworn translations cost 30% more.

6. Provide specialized glossaries

If you need a technical translation, provide us with terminology, as this will avoid documentation costs.

Tell us what you need translating and into which languages: English, French...and however many others.
If you have the original, please provide it so we can give you with an exact quote.

Your contact data will remain private. We comply with GDPR requirements.

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