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Only native human translators can provide top-notch translations for professional eCommerce stores.
Unbeatable prices for eCommerce translations into Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Translate your eCommerce into any language

Get your eCommerce store translated by native Spanish, French, German, and Italian translators, with extensive experience in online marketing and international SEO.

Expert translation of all kind of retail eCommerce stores: jewellery, fashion, eyewear, shoes, technology, etc. Product catalogues (titles and descriptions), landing pages, SEO meta tags, legal conditions, templates, customer emails, newsletters, etc.

Comprehensive web translation services for the main eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Wordpress, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Prestashop, Magento, etc.

Prices for eCommerce translation

Fast and easy translations for eCommerce stores

We are the perfect partner to translate your eCommerce. Accurate and attractive seo-friendly eCommerce translations for expanding companies. More than 20 years experience translating websites and marketing documents. Best prices guaranteed, with or without the help of the latest Neural Machine Translation technology. Let us help you go global.

  • Always human & native translators
  • Cost-saving translation technology
  • SEO & marketing skills
  • Fast turnaround
  • Unbeatable prices

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Top eCommerce platforms

We work with the most relevant eCommerce websites and online stores!
Shopify, Big Commerce, Wordpress WooCommerce, Wix, Prestahop, Magento and many more!

Wordpress WooCommerce store

Wordpress stores

WooCommerce is the eCommerce plugin for Wordpress, the world's most popular CMS. To translate WooCommerce you will need a translation plugin like Polylang or WPML.

Shopify eCommerce store

Shopify stores

Shopify is an extremely popular eCommerce and comes ready for multilingual set-up. To translate Shopify you can install a plugin like Langify and/or hire native translators.

Prestahop eCommerce store

Prestahop stores

Prestashop is an excellent eCommerce and the most popular one in Spain. To translate Prestashop it is best to export the texts and send them off for professional translation.

Magento eCommerce stores

Magento stores

Magento is a high quality eCommerce, perfect for large stores. To translate a Magento eCommerce, all you need to do is export the content and send it to a specialised agency for translation.

Comprehensive eCommerce translation

There's a lot to translate in an eCommerce store, and we can translate it all.
Targetted SEO and sales-oriented translation of product descriptions, user reviews, landing pages, emails...

  • Translation of landing pages from eCommerce stores

    Landing pages

    Sales-oriented translation of landing pages with promotional texts and contact forms. We help you optimize marketing campaigns for the Spanish, French and Italian markets.

    Increase your conversion rate by working with professional human marketing translators.

  • Translation of product catalogues for e-commerce websites and online stores.

    Product descriptions

    SEO-friendly translation of eCommerce product catalogues to help rankings in Google SERPs.

    Flawless translation of product pages, the true core of any eCommerce store: titles, descriptions, reviews, meta tags, etc.

  • Translation of eCommerce user ratings and product reviews.

    User reviews

    Attractive and trustworthy translation of user ratings, customer reviews, product testing reports, comparison, guides, opinions, etc.

    Boost your product credibility by getting your best user & product reviews translated by local native translators.

  • Translation of legal texts from eCommerce stores

    Legal terms

    Accurate and reliable translation of legal texts by professional human translators with proven expertise in legal translations.

    Safely translate general terms and conditions, sales and shipping conditions, terms of use, privacy policy, contracts, etc.

  • Translation of eCommerce emails

    Transactional texts

    Mindfull translation of automated messages trigered by customer interactions: registration forms, checkout process, error messages, order tracking emails, invoice templates, etc.

    Create positive experiences for all your clients, in their own language.

How to translate an eCommerce store

Translating an eCommerce is far more complex than one could expect.
Unfriendly eCommerce platforms (many of them still unprepared for i18n), disseminated contents, etc.

1. Evaluation

The first step is always to analyze the website and understand the client' needs and priorities: quality? price? time-to-market?. We prefer to translate eCommerce websites the traditional way, through human translators, but we can apply cutting-edge NMT technology to reduce costs and deadlines, or adopt a hybrid approach.

2. Content export

You will need to export contents to XLS, XML or XLIF files, so translators work more efficiently (i.e. reduced translation costs). Some eCommerce platforms / plugins make this process easier than others (we wil help you).

3. Pre-translation

Sometimes, before starting the translation itself, we carry out tests and other pre-translation processes to improve the quality of the original or build terminology glossaries, in order to reduce costs or improve translation quality.

4. Translation

eCommerce contents are assigned to specific translators: legal terms are translated by legal translators, landing pages are translated by marketing translators, product pages are translated by translators with field expertise, etc. All the translators in the team are native translators and proofreaders in the target language.

5. Proofreading

All translations undergo several layers of proofreading and finetuning, until all the goals of the project are achieved: country localization, style, terminology, SEO, etc.

6. Quality control

Once the translated eCommerce website is up and running, we carry out quality reviews and usability tests, to ensure everything is perfect.

We are human native translators

Only human translators, local native speakers, can deliver high quality eCommerce translations.
Natural, seo-optimized, sales-oriented translations that make a difference.

100% native human translators, experts in e-commerce

Native translators

All websites and eCommerce stores are translated and proofread by professional translators, always native speakers of the target language: Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc. Only human translators can fine tune translations to target your eCommerce essential goal: sell products to human customers.

Marketing experts

Our translators are online marketing experts with a proven track record of success in translating eCommerce of all kinds. They know the language but more importantly they know how to make translations sound convincing, engaging, trustworthy... Their translations will definitely improve your conversion rate and boost your sales.

We can use Machine Translation

We only recommend MT for large eCommerce projects with very tight budgets / deadlines.
Discover our Neural Machine Translation + Human Translator post-editing services.

eCommerce Machine Translation Post-Editing or MTPE

Is Machine Translation ready?

Machine Translation has improved a lot since 2015, but it still has lights and shadows.

The good news is that "neural" machine translations sound quite natural. Quality is quite good if you translate into Spanish (90%). This is great given MT can reduce costs and deadlines up to 90%.

But quality decreases quickly if you translate into French (85%), German (80%) ...

When to use Machine Translation

MT should only be used for projects that can't be carried out by human translators: e.g. urgent launch of an eCommerce with 10.0000 products that needs to be translated into English or Spanish overnight.

Use professional MTs, not free generic MTs (like Google and DeepL), and always have a human translator review the most relevant pages of your eCommerce.

We are local SEO translation experts

All our translators have been trained to provide seo-friendly translations.
On top of that, we can provide high value expert SEO services for businesses targeting the Spanish market.

SEO translation of e-commerce websites

SEO-friendly translations

All our translators have been trained to provide seo-friendly translations. By default they try to identify high value keywords, carefully translate titles and H1 and H2 headings to include different keywords, avoid the use of pronoms, try to use question-answer structures, etc.

SEO services for the Spanish market

We provide exclusive SEO, WPO, UX and CRO services to our eCommerce translation clients wanting to enter the Spanish market, through one of Spain's most relevant SEO consultants.

Let us hekp you boost your rankings in Google Spain SERPs. Ask for a free initial consultation.

How much does it cost to translate an eCommerce?

Big eCommerce stores with price/time priority usually ask for low-cost Machine Translation.
Quality focused eCommerce businesses prefer to invest a bit more to get the best possible human translation.
Either way, get in touch with us, and we will find the best option to adapt to your needs.

Prices and rates 2024
Professional human eCommerce translation

How much does it cost to professionally translate an eCommerce website?
Spanish, French and Italian eCommerce translation, starting at just €0.09 per word.

Do you need to translate your eCommerce?

Get in touch to and we'll make sure you get our best eCommerce translation offer.
When possible, please attach the xml or csv export files that need translating, so we can send a detailed quote.

Your contact data will remain private. We comply with GDPR requirements.

4 - 5 =

5-star eCommerce translations into Spanish

We translate eCommerce websites into Spanish, French, Italian, German and other languages.
But Spanish leads our eCommerce translation ranking with more than 100 sites translated in 2022.

  • Spanish translation of a retail e-commerce website

    Magento website translated into Spanish

    Ibidem translates into Spanish a well known online retail shop. This eCommerce translation project comprised more than 10,000 products, user reviews, landing pages and legal texts.

  • Spanish translation of a Shopify online store

    Italian eCommerce translated into Spanish

    Lagalpi, a distributor of wines and gourmet products from northern Italy, commissions Ibidem to translate its new Shopify eCommerce from Italian into English and Spanish.

  • Spanish translation of a WooCommerce Wordpress website

    WooCommerce retail eCommerce translation

    OceansApart, a women's sportswear brand, has trusted us with the translation of its new Wordpress website, an online WooCommerce store that will be soon translated into Spanish.

  • Spanish translation of a real estate Magento eCommerce website

    Magento real estate web translation

    IGSA, a European real estate company with over 50 years experience, has has tasked Ibidem with the translation into Spanish, French and German of its new Magento eCommerce website.

  • Spanish translation of an online food store

    Organic food store eCommerce translation

    I Love Food, an organic and proximity food store located in Barcelona, has had its Wordpress eCommerce website translated from Spanish into Catalan by a team of native translators.

  • Spanish translation of a Prestashop gourmet food and wine store

    Local gourmet eCommerce translated

    Ibidem Group has finished another speciality food store translation into Spanish. This time it was a Prestashop eCommerce store, with selected gourmet products from Leon (Spain).

  • Dutch translation of a car rental app

    App translations for a car rental company

    Bipi, the revolutionary car rental company, has just launched its new App and revealed they will join forces with Ibidem Group to translate its eCommerce from Spanish into several languages.

  • French translation of a Shopify online store

    Shopify shoe store translated into French

    Ibidem has been chosen by Carrano, a Brazilian brand of luxury shoes and stilettos, to translate into French their new eCommerce, a Shopify online store.

Happy customers

We have a passion for what we do, and that leads us to care for each eCommerce we translate.
This is the reason behind hundreds of 5-stars reviews from happy customers all around the world.

English native translator expert in online store translation


"Excellent job! They sure know what they do. Jose did a great job translating our eCommerce into Spanish, texts are attractive and engaging... Big thank you for all your SEO advices, they will definitely help us rank in"

Sandro Monte

Spanish-English e-commerce Translator. Affordable prices. Quick turnaround times.


"More than 40,000 eCommerce products translated into French in just 1 month. Really competitive prices when combining Machine Translation and native translators. Would definitely work with them again. “

Leo Dunstead

Native English translator, expert in English translation of e-commerce websites and Magento stores.


"We needed to translate our Magento e-commerce website into Spanish and we needed experienced native translators. We were pleasantly surprised. I have nothing but good words for them. “

Noah Kimber

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