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Experts in translating websites, CMS, eCommerce stores and Apps.
Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese...

Translate your website into Spanish, French, German...

At Ibidem Group, we're experts in web development. We work with native translators in Spanish, French, German and many other languages. Invest in a professional translation and boost your web traffic!

We mainly translate corporate websites, Wordpress, CMS, Prestashop and Magento eCommerce stores, as well as iOs and Android mobile Apps.

Spanish, French and German are our all-time classics, but Russian and Chinese are very popular right now for web translations.
What language do your clients speak?

Experts in website translation and localization:

  • 100% native translators
  • In-house web designers and programmers.
  • Direct translation onto HTML code.
  • Website translations with a "marketing touch".
  • Free online final quality control.
  • SEO friendly translations.
  • Very competitive rates!

Translation of all kinds of websites

Translation of basic HTML websites, as well as Wordpress and other CMS.
Prestashop and Magento eCommerce technology experts.

Basic Html websites

Most companies have basic websites, programmed in HTML, with the classical section-based structure: Company, Services, Contact, etc.

Specialised translators

Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS

More recent websites tend to be programmed on a CMS or Wordpress-type content manager, that enables online editing of content posts.

Stores: Prestashop, Magento

Online stores and eCommerce sites using Prestashop and Magento technology, content databases, .Po language files, etc.

Basic Html websites

Corporate websites for small B2B and B2B companies.
Free web-to-Word content extraction, for a convenient and economic translation.

Basic corporate websites

Informational websites, with the typical sections: About us, Services, Contact, etc. Small websites, tend not to have more than 25 to 50 pages of unique content, programmed in HTML.

Website translation to all major languages

We translate all sort of websites on a daily basis into all major languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. And now also into Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

How to translate a basic website?

The easiest and most cost-effective system is to extract the text to Word, and translate it directly from there. We'll deal with this website text extraction free of charge, and we'll deliver a Word document with the same layout as the website, so it'll be very easy for your web designer to identify each text and to layout the new translated version of the website.

Very reasonable prices for website translations.
Website translation into English from €0.08/word.

Direct translation on HTML / XML code

Direct translation on code, the safest and most professional method for translating websites

Large, properly programmed websites

Any type of website, large or small, in HTML or PHP. It is essential that the code has been properly programmed, free of errors. We translate HTML, PHP and XML files, as well as TXT files, javascripts with error messages, databases, etc.

Website translation into all major languages

Website translation on HTML into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

How does website translation on code work?

The client sends us a zip file containing the HTML files to be translated. Our software isolates and blocks the code labels, so the translators can only edit and translate the contents. This is the safest and most agile method, as we deliver an identical replica of the website translated into the desired language.

Website translation on HTML at reasonable prices.
Website translation into Spanish from €0.09/word.

eCommerce sites

Translation of eCommerce websites: Prestashop, Magento, etc.

Translation of Prestashop / Magento eCommerce sites

Experts in translating virtual stores and eCommerce, especially Prestashop and Magento.

All eCommerce site should be translated to several languages.

Prestashop and Magento eCommerce translation into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

How to translate an eCommerce?

Prestashop and Magento offer an official translation for all their "parameters" and "text strings" (frontoffice, backoffice, error messages, invoice, email templates, etc.). In order to translate static text and content (products, etc), the best approach is to export DDBBs to .csv or .xml files.

Translate your eCommerce from just €0.09/word.

Wordpress and other websites with CMS

Translating blogs and websites with Content Managers / Wordpress-type CMS

If you can edit the text on your website, it's CMS

A content manager or CMS is a website application that allows online access and to add and edit the contents of a website. The best known is Wordpress but any programmer can create one to measure in PHP, Joomla, etc.

Translating a CMS is not as easy as it seems.

Translating a CMS from inside, accessing as editor is a slow and therefore expensive process. Initially, it is much better to export to csv or xml. And then, maintain and update on the CMS.

Translation of Wordpress / CMS from €0.09/word.

Translate your website in 3 simple steps.

There are many types of web pages and many ways of translating them


Send us the originals in Word, HTML, Csv or another format, or call us if you have any questions. You'll have an exact quote within an hour.

Once the quote has been confirmed, native translators specialised in the sector will translate the texts in the agreed format, with a unique "marketing touch".

Delivery of the translation in Word, Csv or HTML. Free additional on-screen review of the translation, once all texts have been uploaded and the website is live.

Free online review

All our website translation projects include a final free online review.
Once the translation is finished and uploaded onto the website, we'll check it to make sure everything is perfect.

Other web services

We're experts in website translation and internet communication.
But we also have extensive experience in international SEO for European countries.

Desktop Publishing and proofreading (DTP)

We can improve the quality of your original texts in English or Spanish: check the wording and style, refine writing and editing techniques, improve the marketing bias, etc. Ask us!

Specialised translators

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All our translations are SEO friendly, but we can also provide country-specific SEO, WPO and UX services, to help boost your ranking results in Google Spain, Google France, etc.

Web, App and software localization

Software requires much more than a simple translation. Get your software localized to each target country by local specialists.

Customer support in English and Spanish

Ask us about any query or question regarding your translation project.

Tel. +44 2071579870 info@ibidemgroup.com

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