Our translators are always native

At Ibidem Group we only work with 100% native translators.
Professional, specialised and highly experienced translators.

Looking for a good translator?

A translation agency would be nothing without its translators.
A good translator, perfectionist and passionate about languages, is a true gem.

100% native, professional translators

Translation is not simple. Almost everyone knows other languages, we understand them, but... Would we be capable of translating a document to be published? Probably not.

Only a 100% native, professional translator can translate perfectly into another language. Translators must always translate into their native language, their mother tongue. This is the only way to guarantee the highest quality of translation.

Highly experienced, specialised translators.

A degree in translation is not synonymous of a good translator. Ibidem's translators are not only professional translators, but they are also passionate about languages, perfectionists and tenacious, and they won't rest until they find the perfect translation.

Despite this, only experience can build a good translator. It takes anywhere between 5 and 10 years' experience to become a good translator. This is the only way to guarantee a top quality translations.

All our translators are 100% native

Our translators come from all over Europe: Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, etc.
That's the only way we can guarantee top-notch translations.

Specialised translators

A precise and accurate translation can only be done by a translator specialised in the subject. At Ibidem Group we translate few subjects and sectors, but we do it well.

Business translations
Document translations
Report translations
Marketing translations
Catalogue translations
Technical translations
Translation of manuals
Translation of reports

Passionate translators

An Ibidem translator is a translator who is passionate about languages, curious, an avid reader, in love with words.
A perfectionist translator, tirelessly seeking the perfect work or the ideal expression.

Translators specialised in interpretation

Native translators/interpreters for meetings, trade fairs, workshops, conferences, etc.
Native translators/interpreters of English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese...

Translators for consecutive interpretation

1. Accompaniment translators.

Visits, trade fairs and events. The translator accompanies the client at all times, helping him/her to communicate, make arrangements, etc.

2. Translators for consecutive interpretation

Meetings, press conferences, training sessions, etc. The translator sits with the client and translates what is being said consecutively (sentence by sentence).

Translator / interpreter for business meeting

Translators for simultaneous interpretation

3. Translators for simultaneous interpretation

Congresses, television, etc. The translator will be in the interpretation booth, equipped with headphones and will translate everything he/she hears while hearing it. The audience is also provided with headphone to listen to the translation.

The room must be equipped with adequate simultaneous interpretation equipment (this equipment can be rented).

Translator / Interpreter for conferences

Are you a translator and would like to work with us?

Ibidem Group is more than just a translation agency, we're a communication agency.
Apart from translating, we're experts in international marketing and SEO or web positioning.

Trainee translator

We accept trainee translators. If you've completed your translation studies with good grades and would like to learn more at an agency, send us your CV.

In-house translator

At the moment we don't have any vacancies for in-house translators.

You can work with us as a freelance translator.

Self-employed / freelance translator

If you're are professional translator with over 5 years' experience and you'd like to work as a freelance, send us your CV and we'll contact you when an opportunity comes up.

Translation offices in Spain, UK and France

Ibidem Group, your reliable translation partner.
Get an inmediate quote and start your translation project right away.

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How can we help?

Our expert support team is ready to help and will answer all your questions.

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