Experts in legal translations

Translation of contracts, notarial deeds and other legal documents.
English, French, German and Spanish native translators, experts in law and legal terms.

Experts in translating contracts and legal documents.

Legal translations are not easy, they need to be precise, legal terms must be translated with total accuracy, nothing can get lost in translation... Legal translations are so demanding, that only a few translation agencies can deliver the level of provision required.

At Ibidem Group, we translate legal documents on a daily basis: contracts, lawsuits, notarial deeds and certificates, articles of incorporation, annual accounts... Some of our best translators are professional lawyers, indeed. We can even deliver Official Sworn Translations, as our translators are certified by local authorities worldwide.

"Standard" vs. "Official" translations
All about "Official" Translations

Native translators with deep legal expertise.

All our translators are native speakers of the target language, the language to which they are translating: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese or Japanese. But this is not enough when dealing with legal translations.

When translating contracts or deeds, we only work with translators with legal studies and more than 3 years expertise in legal translations.

Trust your legal documents to professional legal translators.

Don't take any risks. Try our services and see for yourself.

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Contracts, notarial deeds, legal claims...

We work with native translators with expertise in legal matters.
Translating agreements, contracts, deeds, patents and lawsuits.

Agreements and contracts

Translations of private legal contracts for companies and individuals: purchase/sale contracts, commercial distribution agreements, terms and conditions, annual accounts, legal notices, etc.

Specialised translators

Notarial deeds

We translate public documents such as registry certificates (civil and commercial), deeds, notarial notes and certificates: articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes, power of attorney, etc.

Legal claims

As well as documentation from courts and tribunals, including lawsuits and allegations, documentary evidence, proceedings, decisions and judgements.

Legal documents of all kinds

Examples of contracts and legal documents we frequently translate

Private agreements
Purchase/sale contacts
Lease agreements
Employment contracts
Bank certificates
Company agreements
Supplier agreements
Distribution agreements
Annual accounts
Terms and conditions
Notarial documents
Deeds of incorporation
Company by-laws
Powers of attorney
Legal claims
Allegations to lawsuits
Proceedings and notifications

Non Disclosure Agreement

We're accustomed to handling and translating sensitive information, much of which is often highly confidential.
Hence we offer all our clients a signed Confidentiality Agreement (NDA).

Expert translations into English, Spanish, French...

We provide translations into English, French, German, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian...
What language do your clients speak?

Differences between legal and Sworn translations

Check whether you need a standard legal translation or an Official, Certified, Sworn translation.
Learn the differences between both translations, to avoid unnecessary extra costs.

Standard legal translations

When talking about "legal translations" most people refer to standard translations of legal documents. They have several advantages over official certified translations:

1. Standard legal translations are of the exact same quality and have the same validity as Sworn translations.

2. Prices for standard legal translations are lower, about 50% cheaper compared to Sworn translations.

3. Delivery is also much quicker, usually by email in less than 72 hours.

Standard legal translations are the most efficient option, unless you really need an Official Certified Translation. They are perfect for corporate documents intended for internal use: contracts, agreements, etc.

Official Sworn Translations

If you are going to submit a translation to a school or university, a public administration agency, a notary, or judiciary court, you will definitely need an Official Certified Sworn Translation.

Sworn Translations are quasi notarial documents, carried out by Sworn translators, following a precise protocol that may vary from country to country. All pages of the translation must be signed and sealed by the translator, and it must include an oath declaring that the sworn translation is "a complete and faithful reproduction of the original".

Sworn translations are more expensive and require longer turnarounds. Choose them only if you are requested to.

Rates and turnarounds for Sworn Translation?

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