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Technical translations of user, installation, operation and maintenance manuals.
Translations into Spanish, French, German, Italian...

Do you need a manual translated?

At Ibidem Group, we are experts in technical translation of manuals of all kinds: user manuals, instructions for use, technical manuals of industrial equipment and machinery, assembly, maintenance, technical specifications, technical projects, tenders...

Top quality, fluent, accurate technical translations... Well-translated, understandable, coherent manuals with the correct terminology. Quality translations at competitive prices and with quick turnaround.

If your priority is price, and you need a manual translated in accordance with EU legislation, you’ve come to the right place. We provide basic translations without proofreading for half the price!

Translators specialised in technical translations

Translating a manual requires that the translator be familiar with the technical terminology specific to the sector, translate with knowledge of the product or device, maintain the layout of tables, graphs and diagrams, etc.

Our technical translators are native speakers of the target language as well as experts in technical subjects, with a lot of experience in translating manuals. All translations are reviewed by an additional editor to ensure that perfect work is delivered every time.

  • Native speakers and translators of the target language
  • With over 15 years’ experience in technical translations
  • ISO 90001 and 17100 certified quality
  • Fair prices and ultra-fast turnaround times

Technical translation of all types of manuals

User manuals, instructions for use, installation guides, maintenance plans...
Consumer products, electronics, professional equipment, industrial machinery, engineering projects, etc.

Product user manuals

User manuals for electronic products, home appliances, audio, video, projectors, browsers, MP3 players, etc.

Professional working tool manuals, air conditioning equipment, etc.

Hardware and software manuals: fleet management programs and apps, ERP and CRM software, home automation, access control, etc.

Industrial Equipment Manuals

Technical user manuals, installation and assembly instructions, maintenance and troubleshooting guides, certifications, etc.

Machinery manuals, industrial equipment, facilities, factories, plants...

Manuals for printing equipment, textile machinery, medical devices, industrial washing machines, manufacturing lines, refrigeration equipment, etc.

Technical projects and tenders

Technical projects, descriptions, proposals and public tenders

Civil engineering and public works tenders: power generation, infrastructure, sewerage, recycling, etc.

Projects, manuals, technical specifications and audit reports

Specialised technical translators

Manuals translated by technical translators specialised in the sector.
Translators who master technical terminology. Quality translations: complete, accurate and fluent.

100% native-speaking translators

100% native-speaking translators

Translations by native translators, who master the source language and translate into their mother tongue: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Chinese...

Specialist translators

Specialised Terminology

Translators specialised in engineering, IT, electronics, architecture, industry, textiles, printing, food, transport, energy, software, etc.

Review included

Review and quality control

Memories and glossaries of terms. All translations are reviewed by a second translator to ensure that no human errors are missed.

ISO 9001 and 17100 Quality Certification

Technical translations carried out by native translators specialised in the sector.
All translations are subject to a process of terminology review and quality control.

Expert translations into English, Spanish, French...

We provide translations into English, French, German, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian...
What language do your clients speak?

Translation process and quality control

Translating a manual or technical document requires specific processes.
PDF to Microsoft Word conversion, preparation of glossaries of terms, layout of diagrams, revision, etc.

1. Conversion from PDF to Word

We can translate in InDesign, but most manuals come to us as editable or scanned PDFs which we convert to Microsoft Word using OCR software and, if necessary, we edit tables and diagrams by hand.

2. Translation of texts

Once we have the text in an editable format, we can start translating. We use industry glossaries and technical reports that have been developed with over 15 years’ experience.

3. Layout of the manual

When the translation is dumped into a graphic format, many texts and diagrams tend to be out of place, so a DTP job is often necessary to adjust elements and spacing.

4. Review and quality control

Once we have the translation of the manual in the final format, complete with graphics and diagrams, it undergoes a final review to verify terminological consistency, fluency, etc.

How much does it cost to translate a manual?

The price of a technical translation depends on the format, the requested deadline and the difficulty of the terminology
Prices and rates for technical translation of simple manuals.

Technical translation quote

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