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We are actively looking for young gratuates who love translating.
Let us help you gear up your language career!

Seeking for passionate translators

Are you passionate about languages, obsessed with always finding the perfect expression?
If you love words as much we do, we'd definitely love to hear from you!

Translation internship opportunities

Internships are a wonderful, hands-on way to learn more about a career in the language industry, and can sometimes lead to permanent positions. Translation studies are good, but they are not always aligned with the needs of real clients, they focus excesively on accuracy and literalness leading to literal and stiff translations...

Unlock all your potential and grow your translation skills.
Learn to create powerfull and sexy translations!

Translation internship opportunities

In-house job offers for senior translators

At Ibidem Group we're always looking for excelent translators with more than 5 years experience and proven expertise on any of our main areas of interest (legal, marketing, IT, etc). If you want to work with us, check out of job opportunities for in-house translators, or send us an up-to-date CV with agency rates,daily output and overall availability.

In-house translator job offers
Freelance translator opportunities

Translation Internships

Now accepting applications for 2022 at our HQ in Barcelona, Spain.
Only young graduates with English as mother tongue and excellent level of Spanish.

Where would the Internship take place?

At our Barcelona HQ offices, located in a historic building right in the heart of the city (Eixample district). Charming and quiet area, small, young and friendly team, relaxed work environment.
* Covid update: we accept remote and hybrid internship models.

How long does the Internship last?

Optimal duration is 240 hours, preferably spread over 3 months, with half-day attendance from Monday to Friday from 9:00h till 13:00h.

Are these paid Trainee Programmes?

Internships are not paid by the agency but there are subsidized programmes depending on the language and/or the university. Nevertheless, we do provide a 300 EUR. financial help.

Purpose of the Trainee Programme.

The purpose of the internship is to perfect translation skills and to improve students' knowledge of the Spanish Language, in a real environment, within a translation agency.

Applying for a Trainee Programme

These programmes are aimed at last year Translation, Philology or Applied Languages schoolars, with Spanish as a foreign language. It is imperative that your university has an Trainee Programme Agreement.

Languages and nationalities

This translation work placement programme is open to students who have English as native language and want to improve their Spanish translation skills. It is essential to have excellent written understanding of Spanish.

Tasks to be performed

The student will complete various small translations from Spanish into English, as well as translations from English into Spanish (if his/her level allows so).


A supervisor will assess the student and provide him/her regular feedback on his/her work to help him/her move forward.

Universities and Translation Schools

Ibidem Group actively collaborates with Translation schools and Universities all over the world,
offering their students translation work placements in Spain.

Looking for translation internships in Spain?

Write to us and request the latest info on our work placement programmes

In-house job opportunities

Current openings


We're looking for a native English translator for our offices in Barcelona, with good command of Spanish for completing short translations into English and for proofreading English translations. Minimum of 3 years' experience. The ideal candidate will have excellent written communication skills in English, including grammar, spelling and style. Knowledge of CAT tools will be valued. Salary and conditions to be agreed.


We’re looking for a talented Business Development Manager to help us grow within Europe. Main task will be to identify potential business opportunities and secure major accounts from multinational companies across all industries. The perfect candidate will be familiar with the localization and translation industry, know many of the players in the industry and be comfortable meeting with and selling to senior localization managers. You can be located and work anywhere in the world, though preference is given for Spain-based candidates. Minimum 5 years of experience in a similar sales role in the translation & localization industry.


We're looking for a proofreader or reviewer of Spanish texts for our Barcelona office, with good command of English and knowledge of French and/or German. The ideal candidate will have excellent written communication skills in Spanish, including grammar, spelling and style. Knowledge of CAT tools will be valued, as will experience in similar positions at an agency. Access tests will be performed. Salary and conditions to be agreed.


We are looking for a software engineer with deep understanding of Machine Translation technology, who can help us develop our own set of MT tools, based on originaly open-sourced systems like Matecat and ModernMT. We are looking for someone who is able to get the best out of the available technology and can design practical tools and systems that boost our translators productivity. You will be the founding member of the team, so you will have a unique opportunity to research and drive the direction of this department. PhD in a relevant field of MT, NLP or ML, good programming skills (Python, Java, C/C++...) and strong expertise in machine learning are a must.

Does your profile match any of our offers?

Send us an email with your CV, and explain to us what makes you "the one".

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