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Now accepting applications for Trainee Translators at our agency in Barcelona.
Recent graduates with English, French or German as their native language.

Seeking passionate translators

We are looking for exceptional translators, who are passionate about languages, in love with words,
obsessed with always finding the expression that best conveys each idea.

Translation work placement at an agency.

Translation degrees are good, but they're normally too theoretical and not overly practical. The needs of real clients don't normally coincide with what professors and universities seem to think, as they normally promote the accuracy and literalness. This tends to lead to literal, stiff translations, with no hook or attraction...
Grow your translation skills by training with an agency.

Translation work placement in Barcelona

Job offers for translators.

At Ibidem Group we're always looking for good translators, passionate translators, professionals who love words, perfectionists... If you want to work with us, check out of job opportunities for in-house translators, or send us an up-to-date CV with agency rates for collaborating as a freelance translator.

Job offers as an in-house translator
Work with us as a self-employed translator (freelance)

Translation work placement in Barcelona

Now accepting applications for Trainee Translators for 2019 at our agency in Barcelona.
Translation students and graduates, native in English, French, German, etc.

Where would the work placement take place?

Work placement opportunities take place at our offices in Barcelona, located in the Eixample district, in a historic building right in the heart of the city. The area is charming and quiet, working in a small, young and friendly team, amidst a really relaxed work environment.

When do translation work placements take place?

Next programme is open from February to December 2019. Ibidem Group generally publishes similar Work Placement Programmes each year.

How long do the Work Placement Programmes last for?

Optimal duration is 240 hours, preferably spread over 3 months, with half-day attendance from Monday to Friday from 9:00 till 13:00. We do not accept work placements lasting less than two months.

Are these paid training programmes?

Work placement programmes are not paid by the agency, yet exceptions are made and there are also subsidised programmes depending on the language and/or the university of origin.

In certain cases the agency might offer a small economic compensation to hard-working interns who achieve exceptional results.

Applying for Work Placement Programmes

These programmes are aimed at students studying Translation, Philology, Applied Languages or other similar courses, who have studied Spanish as a foreign language. These are restricted to students in the last years of the degree or new graduates. It is imperative that your university has an Work Placement Agreement.

Languages and nationalities.

This translation work placement programme is open to students from all over the world, intra- or extra-EU, whose native language is English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Chinese or Japanese, and who want to improve their knowledge of Spanish. It is essential to have good written understanding of Spanish.

Purpose of the Work Placement Programme.

The purpose of the work placement is to perfect translation skills and to improve students' knowledge of the Spanish Language, in a real environment, within a translation agency.

Tasks to be performed.

The student will complete translations from Spanish into his/her native language, as well as translation from their native language into Spanish, if their level allows so. A supervisor will help on a daily basis regarding questions and queries, and on a weekly basis a person who is native in their language will provide feedback on the work performed.

Universities and Translation Schools

Ibidem Group actively collaborates with Translation schools and Universities all over the world,
offering their students Translation Work Placements at an agency.

Looking for a translation work placement?

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In-house job offers

No vacancies available for the moment.

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