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We all have a friend who knows a bit of Spanish...

Google translates into many languages, and this may be enough for a general understanding of a text, but not for a professional translation.

It's more or less the same when it comes to our friends, they can help to translate emails and internal texts of little importance.

But if you need to translate a contract, or your company's website, don't mess around: make sure you get a quality translation. Translation agencies provide the quality guarantee you need, as long as you go with a reliable one. Choose carefully a local Spanish translation agency that will go that extra mile for you.

How to choose a quality translation agency?

Anybody can get a readable translation into Spanish for free, but if you want to make a god impression to your potential customers, you'll need more that that. A quality Spanish translation makes a huge difference. Make sure you choose wisely:

  • Translation offices in Spain: on-site translation partner.
  • Fully native Spanish translators.
  • Specific experience in your field.
  • Guaranted fixed prices, no last-minute surprises.
  • Rapid response and strict deadlines.

A reliable and trustworthy translation agency

Ibidem Group, founded 20 years' ago as an association of professional translators,
has now become a leading translation agency in its sector

A translation is much more than just words

Ibidem Group is quite a "special" translation agency; we work each translation as if it were for ourselves. That is probably why we've been working in the translation sector for 20 years and 98% of our client confirm they are "very satisfied".

Quality control

Try us out, let us be your translation agency

We've been working in the translation sector for 20 years. With head offices in Spain, and presence in UK and United States, we provide worlwide services. Guaranteed response in 1 hour, total confidentiality and strict compliance with the quote.

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Ibidem, Spanish translation experts

Quality translations into all major languages, fast turnaround and competitive prices.

SEO-friendly translation services

SEO, WPO, CRO and UX services for international companies targeting the Spanish market.

Translations that go far beyond a standard translation

If you want to succeed in a foreign country, a basic translation is simply not enough... You must understand the peculiarities of that country, especially when dealing with remote countries such as Russian or China.

At Ibidem we have native marketing professionals from different countries. We can help you adapt your marketing campaign to the cultural characteristics of each country: naming, target group, core communication concept, promotion, etc.

SEO expertise to enter the Spanish market

We all know how important it is to climb positions in Google' results page. At Ibidem, we're experts in SEO, WPO and UX. Let us help you with your international SEO strategy. We can fine-tune your keywords in Spanish to target any Spanish-speaking country, adjust you on-page SEO, optimise texts, improve loading speed (WPO), improve conversion rate, etc. Get a bite of the huge Spanish market!

Orbitalia, Spanish SEO experts

Translation offices in Spain, UK and France

Ibidem Group, your reliable translation partner.
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Ibidem Group. Translation agency. Offices in Barcelona, Spain


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Ibidem Group. Translation agency. Offices in London, UK


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Ibidem Group. Translation agency. Offices in Paris, France


Tel. +33 173794450

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