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A translation agency that cares

Quality human translations, fast turnaround and affordable prices

A good translation should be precise, rich, fresh and authentic, as if it were originally written in that language, be it Spanish, English, French or German. Readers should never be able to tell the difference. However, very few translation agencies go the extra mile to get the job done, whilst maintaining extremely competitive prices.

More than 20 years helping hundreds of companies go international. Quality translations into Spanish, fast turnaround and affordable prices.

Ibidem Group, a unique translation agency
Top-rated Spanish translations

We are a European translation agency specialized in Spanish, French, Italian and German translations among other languages. Our headquarters in Spain and local offices in France, Italy and Germany, give us several competitive advantages:

  • Best of the best native translators
  • Expertise in several fields: business, legal...
  • Friendly and helpfull support
  • Fast turnaround & express translations
  • Unbeatable prices!

Specialized translation services

Professional translation of contracts, annual reports, technical manuals, catalogues, websites...
Certified Sworn Translations of official certificates, with full international validity.

Documents, reports, catalogues, manuals, contracts, annual accounts...

Translations of documents

We translate contracts, deeds, annual accounts, legal documents, reports, marketing catalogues, technical manuals, books, etc.

Certified Sworn Translations

Certified Translations

Legally valid sworn translations, signed and sealed by Official Translators, accredited by local authorities (MAE for Spain).


Web translation

We can translate websites directly over HTML or XML, CMS or Word: corporate websites, Prestashop or Magento eCommerce shops, etc.

Face-to-face interpreters translators

Translators & interpreters

On-site translators in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), UK, France, Germany... Native translators and interpreters for meetings, visits, events...

Translations into Spanish, French, German ...

We translate into more than 15 languages but European languages are our core.
Local native translators from Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc.

Affordables translation prices

We work hard to offer you unbeatable translation rates, without sacrificing quality.
Check out our rates for English to Spanish translations.

Discounts for matches & repetitions

All texts with high repetition rates (fuzzy matches above 75% TM match), will benefit from significant discounts.

Discounts on volume

Gather together all documents that need to be translated, and send them all at once to benefit from discounts based on volume (as of 10,000 words).

How to cut translation costs

English to Spanish translation rates

Business & marketing €0.08
Contracts & legal docs. €0.09
Technical manuals €0.10
Websites & eCommerce €0.10
Minimum charge €40

Certified Translations

Rate per word €0.12
Minimum charge €70
See more prices and rates

Editing / DTP

We can edit PDF, Ilustrator and Photoshop files. We can also edit source code files such as Html, Php, Xml, Po, etc.

Express translations

Where necessary we are able to offer an express translation service to meet urgent requirements. We will even complete express translations outside of normal business hours.

Request an express translation

Get a translation quote in just 1 hour

Send us the original documents and indicate languages, turnaround time, contact details, etc.
We will send you an exact quote with our best price offer.

Your contact data will remain private. We comply with GDPR requirements.

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Translation process overview

At Ibidem we are seriously committed to both efficiency and quality.
Learn about the translation process, and discover our unique translation methodology.

1. Quote

Send us the documents you want to translate by email. We'll get back to you in less than 1 hour with an exact quote. To confirm the project and start the translation you can order a bank transfer or pay online by credit card.

2. Translation

Translations are always carried out by native translators who translate into their mother tongue. We always assign translations to translators who have expertise in the required field.

3. Review

Once the document has been translated, a second translator will review and double check spelling, grammar, style, layout, etc. We will work on it until it is perfect.

4. Delivery

Translations are always delivered within the turnaround time specified in the quote. Certified Official Sworn Translations are delivered in hand or sent by courier.

"I need some document translations into Spanish"

Spanish is the most demanded language, the most international one. We translate millions of words into Spanish, always using native Spanish translators. These can be direct translations (from English into Spanish), or inverse (from Spanish into English). The process would be the same for any other language: French, German, Italian, Portuguese...

The translation rate is calculated based on the word count of the original document. The basic rate for Spanish translations is €0.08 per word (slightly more when dealing with a technical or urgent document).

A translation of a 2-page Word document, approximately 800 words, would cost about €60.

The turnaround for translations into Spanish is normally about 3 days. We offer an express translation service in 24 hours.

Need a translation into Spanish?

"I need a Certified Translation of my university degree"

We provide Sworn Translations into Spanish or English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, etc. These are official translations, signed and sealed by a sworn translator, with full legal validity. These are normally diplomas, certificates, deeds, etc.

The rate for a Sworn Translation from Spanish into English, for example, would be €0.12 per word. The price is calculated per word, with a minimum per document. Send us your originals and we'll give you a fixed price.

For example, a 2-page Sworn Translation would cost about €60.

The turnaround for Sworn Translations into English is slightly longer, normally about 4 days. These translations are delivered on signed and sealed paper, normally to be collected in person or sent by courier (+€5).

Need a Sworn Translation?

Happy clients

More than 500 positive reviews on Google, with an average score of 9.5.
No mystery: perfect translations, happy clients.

Victor Belluda, from Imprenta Barcino
Ibidem Group's work is impeccable. They translated our website and it was perfect. They even provided us with free online proofreading and SEO report. A great service!

Victor Belluda


Irene Gonzalez, from Hogan Lovells
Attentive and fast. Very good value for money and straightforward online payment system. Received the quote straight away. I'd definitely recommend them!

Irene González


Barbara Montoto, of Ekamat
A great experience, they resolved all our queries and delivered in just 24 hours. An easy and simple process. Great service and a fantastic job.

Bárbara Montoto


Translation offices in Europe

Ibidem Group, your reliable translation partner.
Get an immediate quote and start your translation project right away.

Ibidem Group. Translation agency. Offices in Barcelona, Spain


Tel +34 932684085

Ibidem Group. Translation agency. Offices in London, UK


Tel. +44 2071579870

Ibidem Group. Translation agency. Offices in Paris, France


Tel. +33 173794450

Customer support

Ask us about any query or question regarding your translation project.

Tel. +44 2071579870

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IBIDEM GROUP Ltd. was established in 2003, by virtue of deed 4124 granted in Spain by the Notary Santiago García Ortiz, and registered at the Commercial Registry of Barcelona (Spain), volume 36.206, sheet 0063, page 280795, with TVA number ESB63391445.


Offices in 5 European countries:
- Spain (Barcelone). +34 932684085
- UK (London). +44 2071579870
- France (Paris). +33 173794450
- Germany (Berlin). +49 3088789562
- Italy (Rome). +39 0694800777


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Agencia de traducción con sede en España (Madrid y Barcelona), especializada en traducción en Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Italiano y Español. Textos jurídicos, financieros y de marketing. Traductores 100% nativos con mucha experiencia. Plazo de entrega rápido y precios muy ajustados a partir de 0.08€.

» Agencia de traducción


Agence de traduction avec des bureaux à Paris, Londres et Barcelone. Services de traduction en Anglais, Français, Allemand, Espagnol, et Italien. Traducteurs natifs, experts de leur domaine: technique, financier, juridique, marketing, etc. Des délais de livraison et des prix très ajustés, à partir de 0,08€.

» Agence de traduction


Europäisches Übersetzungsbüro spezialisiert auf Marketing und Juristische Übersetzungen ins Englische, Französische, Italienische und Spanische. Professionell und 100% muttersprachige Übersetzer. Schnelle Aushändigungszeit und günstige Preise: schon ab 0.08€ pro Wort.

» Übersetzungsbüro

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