Perfect translations

A good translation must be accurate, flowing and elegant.
A good translation is one that doesn't sound like it's been translated.

Highest quality translations

Creating a good translation is not an easy task, it requires precision, sensitivity and a lot of work.
At Ibidem, our quality is based on three fundamental factors.

100% native translators

100% native translators

All of our translations are carried out by native translators, who only translate into their mother tongue and are fluent in both languages, as well as being versed in the subject of the document.

Specialised translators

Specialised translators

We only translate what we're good at: business, legal, financial, technology, engineering, industrial, medicine, leisure, tourism, sworn translations, etc.

Proofreading included

Translation and Proofreading

Every translation is checked by a second translator to make sure there are no mistakes. Both make use of memories, glossaries, terminology databases, etc.

100% native translators

Only a native English translator can provide a perfect translation into English.
Hence at Ibidem Group, all our translators are always native.

Specialised translators

A precise and accurate translation can only be done by a specialised translator.
At Ibidem Group we don't translate all subjects, but the ones we do deal with are translated to perfection.

Proofreading and quality control

Despite a translation being done by a native, specialised translator, it is still a human process.
Hence the need for a final proofreading of the document, to avoid any possible mistakes and to refine the final text.

How does the translation process work?

The price of a translation into English depends on the type of document, word count, and urgency.
Check our prices for translations into English of documents, contracts, website and sworn translations.


These include all processes prior to performing the translation (obviously not always necessary).

- Extractions of texts from PDF files and layout in Word.
- Preparation of code files: Html and Xml. Blocking tags.
- Preparing memories and useful terminology glossaries.
- Preparing XLIFF file, if the document is to be translated using Trados.


The translation itself is always carried out by a native translator specialised in the subject.

When dealing with a large and/or urgent translation project, we may see the need to put together a team of translators, always headed by a translator who will be responsible for the consistency of the terminology.


Comprehensive proofreading of the entire translation: spelling, grammar, style, terminology and layout.

Our quality commitment includes reviewing a translation until the client is 100% satisfied with the outcome. However, we recommend clients provide good quality originals, as this normally limits the quality of a translation.

Tips for obtaining a top-notch translation.

Our goal is to achieve a perfect translation, but we cannot do it without your help.
Find out how you can help us to provide a translation of the highest quality.

A translation will only ever be as good as its original text.

1. Quality of the original text

Sometimes we receive originals which are poorly written, with never-ending sentences, meaningless paragraphs... It's important to bear in mind that a translation will only ever be as good as its original text. Hence the importance of the original text being well written.

2. Documentation and glossaries

For highly technical translations it is advisable the client provides reference documentation or previous translations to ensure consistency in terminology. We sometimes create glossaries as a step before or after the translation for future projects.

The more you help us, the better we can translate.

3. Briefing

Translate is not a mathematical operation: the same text can be translated in several ways, there isn't just one correct translation. If you want a more informal tone, more friendly or distant, more literal or free, you should let us know before we start translating.

4. Communication

Throughout the translation process it is likely that we'll have some queries, given that each company has its own style... Help us to resolve these doubts, it will just take you a few minutes. Oh, and avoid as far as possible rushing us with urgent translations.

Your translation partner in Europe and the USA

Your reliable translation agency, close on hand.
Contact our main offices in Madrid and Barcelona (Spain).

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Ask us about any query or question regarding your translation project.

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