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100% transparent. Our translation prices and tariffs are highly competitive and we're proud of them, hence they're published on our website!

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No automatic calculations on the website... We want take a good look at your originals, so we can offer you the best price and fastest turnaround.

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We're committed to always answer your email and send you a quote within 1 hour. And we guarantee that the quote won't vary a single penny.

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Tell us what you need translating and into which languages: English, French...and however many others.
If you have the original, please provide it so we can give you with an exact quote.

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We'll get back to you by email in less than an hour with an exact quote.
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How does the translation process work?

The price of a translation into English depends on the type of document, word count, and urgency.
Check our prices for translations into English of documents, contracts, website and sworn translations.


Send us the original documents by email indicating the languages and delivery time.

Within an hour, we'll send you a quote with the price and delivery time.

If you want, we'll be happy to send you a Confidentiality Agreement.


To confirm the project, you just need to send back the signed quote. You can pay online by card or by transfer.

Extraction to PDF or from Web to Word, preparing code files, terminology glossaries, etc.
Translations are always provided by expert native translators.
Proofreading is always carried out by a 100% native translator and expert on the subject.

Your translation will be delivered on the date and time agreed in the quote. Delivery by email, except for Sworn Translations, which must be delivered on signed and sealed paper.


Invoices are always sent by email along with the translations.

Payment conditions: 30 days. First-time jobs must always be paid for in advance.

Your translation partner in Europe and the USA

Your reliable translation agency, close on hand.
Contact our main offices in Madrid and Barcelona (Spain).

Ibidem Group. Translation agency. Offices in Barcelona

Translations Barcelona

C./ Trafalgar 50
08010 Barcelona
Tel +34 932684085

Ibidem Group. Translation agency. Offices in Madrid

Translations Madrid

Glorieta Quevedo, 8
28015 Madrid
Tel. +34 918272721

Ibidem Group. Translation agency. Offices in Zaragoza

Translations Zaragoza

C./ San Clemente, 8
51001 Zaragoza
Tel +34 976918747


Ask us about any query or question regarding your translation project.

Tel. 902 99 50 20

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The company IBIDEM GROUP. S.L. was established on 30/12/2003, by virtue of deed 4124 granted in Spain by the Notary Mr. Santiago García Ortiz and registered with the Commercial Registry of Barcelona (Spain).


Translation Agency with head offices in Spain.
Address: C./ Trafalgar 50.
Postal Code and city: 08010 Barcelona.
Telephone number: +34 932 68 40 85.


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