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At Ibidem Group we're guided by one simple idea:
A good translation should never sound like a translation!

A good translation should be precise, rich, fresh and authentic, as though it were originally written in this language. Readers should never be able to tell the difference.
However, very few translation companies are prepared to put forth such an extra effort whilst maintaining extremely competitive prices.

» Spanish translations

Only a Spain-based translation agency can deliver perfect translations into Spanish

Spanish translation

Are you looking for a perfect translation into Spanish?

From our headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), Ibidem delivers top quality Spanish translations to well known companies worldwide. Our team of highly experienced and 100% native translators & reviewers produces accurate, elegant and attractive translations of all kind of texts.

European-quality translations, at affordable "Spanish" prices.
Get a sample translation and see for yourself!

» Spanish translations

» Web translation

Get a perfect web translation with an extra marketing touch

Web page translation

Our closely knit team of designers and programmers provide precise, elegant and 100% secure website translations of all kinds.

We can translate directly over web code (Html, Xml, Php, etc), through your CMS, or extract your web content to a Word file.
Either way, we will deliver a perfect clone of your web site in another language, saving you time and money.

SEO is also important to us! Our translators are confident SEO experts, so your translated website will be 100% SEO friendly.

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» Certified translations by official translators

Trust our expertise for your certified official translations

Sworn translation by sworn translators

Our official translations are always performed by certified translators appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to ensure they are 100% valid for administrative or legal procedures.

Certified translation of degrees, certificates, transcripts, contracts, policies, financial statements, and legal documents of all kinds.

Certified Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan translations at extremely competitive prices.

» Certified translations

» Legal translations

Don't take any risks with your sensitive legal translations

Legal contract translation

When dealing with important legal documents like contracts or certificates, precision and accuracy are crucial: you can't afford the slightest mistake!

At Ibidem Group we specialize in legal translations, and we count on translators who aren't just native speakers, but are also specialists in law, usually practicing attorneys with extensive experience.

International companies and institutions trust us with their translations.
We get it right, every time, in every language.

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